Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Undue advantage Of Legal Systems in India

Miss-Utilization of Legal System in India by female named Sushoma:-

Again, we’re publishing news about a female who had taken Indian legal system as granted and molested the value of Indian cultures. We’ve always raised our voices against such activities where women are taking undue advantage of laws and bringing their male counterparts to the court. Women got such right due to the Legal system of India. This law was to protect them from humiliations, but unfortunately this law is getting molested and utilized against men time to time and these female are taking undue advantage of this kind of one sided legal system in India. Even, police had to arrest the man first without any interrogation and send them to the court after few days vide act 496 if a women lodge a case against her husband in the local police station. This harassment is not limiting only surrounding the man; it entangles his family and others against whom the women reported in the PS.

Sushuma Howlader (26) fled with a man named Ranjan Srivastav after getting married for more than 2 years. Suroth Howlader (29) filed a charge of adultery in the local PS and applied for a divorce suit at Nadia district, Kata Gunj, Kalyani.

Police didn’t act on that case, but when she brought the case against her husband on molestation, police arrested Surath from Nadia. Sushuma was found residing with another man in Sukanta Nagar. She brought allegations under different sections against her husband under the section e.g. 498, 302, and 506. These allegations comprised of kidnapping, attempt to murder and inhumanly tortures on wives. These are all un-bail able cases.

Cat’s Eye Investigations took up this case as always and started their investigations and found evidences which proves that, she’s guilty and carried away with her extra marital affairs. She is also guilty with polygamous attitude, because when she was found by the investigators at Sukanta Nagar, she was not staying with Ranjan, with whom she fled her in-laws. The case is still under sub-judice and Suroth received temporary bails to fight the cases at Court to get the divorce without any compensation.

Source: Cat’s Eye Investigations

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